The Jachris Solution

Jachris offers fully integrated, fit-for-purpose solutions with one goal: To optimise uptime for the end user.

Our in-house built container maintenance workshops (CMW’s) are designed to shorten downtime, improve parts availability, reduce curative maintenance and provide hard data to clients.

Our bespoke vendor-managed inventory, RFID tracking and client KPI reporting are the satellite hearts of our service to optimise uptime and diagnose downtime. Reliable, cost efficient, data-rich, people-oriented maintenance solutions. Suited to your needs.

Fluid Power

Hydraulic hose assembly and maintenance solutions.

Our fluid power solution is headed by Anton van Greunen:

Feel free to contact our fluid power team for any hydraulic hose enquiries.

Fluid power is the opposable thumb of all our solutions, driving uptime at every level of equipment and systems maintenance. Whether you need a last minute hydraulic assembly for a pallet jack or a fully fledged, on-site VMI maintenance solution for your earth-moving fleet, Jachris has the expertise to keep machines running across Africa.

We offer an unmatched range of solutions, services and support in South Africa and the rest of Africa via the Jachris containerised maintenance workshop solution.

Our containerised workshops are the key to eliminating unnecessary downtime, improving hose lifespan, efficiently managing costs and simply keeping every piece of equipment in operation for the long term. Jachris fluid power expertise, Gates quality products, vendor-managed inventory and key data reporting down to each individual piece of equipment make our solution work for you.

  • Efficient maintenance, safety and long term cost saving
  • A problem-solving partner who can correct and prevent issues
  • An on-site partner with a vendor-managed inventory model
  • A comprehensive fluid solution offering business intelligence by design

Jachris represents Gates fluid power across Africa, providing best-in-class hydraulic parts to our continent.

From modest beginnings in 1911, Gates has been powering progress and grown into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of original equipment and aftermarket industrial and automotive belts, hoses and hydraulic
products. Combining engineering excellence with manufacturing expertise makes sure you get the best operational life and return on investment from the Gates equipment and components you use.

Fluid Transfer

Manufacture and assembly of industrial hose and fittings, and dewatering systems.

Fluid transfer is headed by our fearless, hands-on General Manager, Martin Day:

Where it all began in 1976, manufacturing pipes, hoses and fittings for South African industry. From dry disconnect couplings to 900mm rubber elephant hose and stainless steel furnace hose, Jachris is an ISO-certified manufacturer and welder, with internal standards which go far beyond industry requirements. Jachris supplies hose and fittings anywhere across Africa with a full range of products. Our catalogue is extensive, you can download a sample of it from our catalogue or email us with any enquiries.

Dewatering is a key process in many heavy industries, most notably mining. Jachris partners with best-in-class suppliers to provide fit-for-purpose dewatering solutions adapted to the African environment.

Centex Africa, an international leader in the design and manufacture of custom built pumping packages and waste handling processing equipment for some of the most challenging solids handling, mining and construction environments around the globe.

Through Centex Africa, Jachris is honoured to distribute the Cornell Pump Company Product line of Centrifugal pumps. Cornell pumps are designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding industries with over 50 years of proven experience for reliability and rugged performance.

Snap-tite has manufactured industry-leading lay-flat hose since 1977. FM-approved and ISO9001 certified, Snap-tite is trusted worldwide by all heavy industry leaders from mining to waste management and fire fighting.

Jachris offers turnkey master design and maintenance solutions for any slurry, solid or fluid pump system, including pumps, lay-flat hose, strainers, couplings, grinders, grit removal systems, aeration equipment, clarifiers, filters, specialty motors, control valves, pneumatic devices, and field instrumentation.


Energy efficiency and fluid asset intelligence solutions.

The Jachris hydrocarbon solution is headed by Scott Kelly who joined Jachris after a decade working for Banlaw in Australia:

Fuel, oils and lubricants represent a huge cost for most industries, specifically in remote locations on the African continent. Can you accurately and efficiently measure how much fuel is coming into your facility and reconcile its usage down to each individual piece of equipment? An average of only 30% of fuel is accounted for in the heavy industry environment on the continent, due to spillage, leaks, etc.

Fluid asset intelligence

Fuel management is complex and the various systems and components need to work together, seamlessly. We offer a fully integrated system which manages fuel distribution quantitatively and qualitatively, controlling contamination, security, staff safety, and the efficiency and productivity associated with your fuel use and fuel transfer.

Jachris represents BANLAW across the African continent. A pioneer in the design, manufacture and implementation of world class refuelling and hydrocarbon management systems, BANLAW developed the World’s first Unified Fuel Management, a unique end-to-end fuel management process with integrated fuel management hardware, end-to-end fuel asset management, consulting and training.

  • 30 years’ experience
  • Integrated electrical, mechanical, software and IT engineering design, install and commissioning
  • Products built for tough operating conditions
  • Not just smart, quality products – smart, quality people
  • Innovative R&D program
  • Complete range of services and ongoing support
  • Able to serve and support you globally

Filtration systems

Founded in 1938, Faudi is a family-owned company specialized in high quality bulk filtration systems for civil, military aviation and diesel fuels.

Equipment life can be significantly extended through the use of cleaned fuel, which in turn reduces a mining company’s operating costs. Diesel fuel typically passes through a series of tanks, pipes and valves from the refinery to the point-of-use. Every time fuel is moved through the distribution system, contaminants are introduced that negatively impact fuel quality. For diesel engine fuel systems to maintain their performance and reliability over time, fuel cleanliness is of utmost importance.

  • Maximise the uptime of your equipment
  • Minimise total cost of ownership
  • Increase fuel cleanliness
  • Predictive maintenance through water sensors


Equipment and vehicle lubrication and automatic lubrication systems.

Our lubrication solution is headed by Dave Coates:

Failures due to improper lubrication can be very costly in terms of production downtime and consequential machine damage. Jachris is a certified technical partner, supplier and installer of various world-leading lubrication systems which include SKF Lincoln, Graco, Samoa, Groeneveld-Beka and Puisi. We are able to provide customised solutions from a number of quality manufacturers to meet most customer needs.

Our skilled team of installers and field maintenance staff can ensure a peace of mind approach to all aspects of lubrication. Our site-based maintenance workshops are well-equipped with the necessary stock, staff and technical capabilities to install and maintain lubrication systems on mobile fleets and plants of any size:

  • Progressive grease systems for small to medium machinery
  • Centromatic Single Line injector based grease systems
  • Dual Line grease systems for large machines with high volume, high pressure requirements
  • Workshop and Lube Bay dispensing systems, for greases, oils and other fluids
  • Specialised applications such as Spray and Chain lubrication systems
  • Larger turnkey projects on complete conveyors and larger machines such as stackers, reclaimers and loaders
  • General processing plant systems

More uptime, longer component life, less corrective maintenance, less wastage.


Fire Suppression

Protecting people, protecting assets.

Our fire suppression team is headed by the firecracking team of Liesl and Kurt Leisse! Please contact them on or

Together, the Jachris senior team has over 100 years of experience in fire suppression, covering all aspects of fire detection, suppression and maintenance for African industries. Automatic systems are fundamental on all heavy duty equipment and Jachris has comprehensive experience installing and maintaining the world’s leading systems such as AFEX, ANSUL and FSI.

For heavy duty equipment, Jachris has aligned with AFEX to provide Africa with the world’s only FM5970 HDME certified protection (Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment). AFEX has dedicated 50 years to the discovery, innovation, manufacture, and testing of vehicle fire protection systems designed exclusively for mobile heavy equipment. It’s all they do. Jachris, in partnership with AFEX, is dedicated to helping you protect your people and investments.

We also recognise that any downtime results in lost productivity and earnings; which is why we design systems with reliability, efficient maintenance and low cost of ownership in mind. For these reasons and more, AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of off-road fire suppression systems in North and South America.

No matter how hostile your equipment environment, Jachris and AFEX customise, install and guarantee purpose-built fire suppression systems that work for your needs.

  • Dual agent AFEX automatic fire suppression systems
  • Brand neutral service and maintenance partner
  • Engineered fire suppression systems for fixed installations and vehicles
  • Smoke aspiration systems
  • Fire detection and control systems
  • Fluorine free foam, powder and mist systems
  • Full range of fire extinguishers