Fire Suppression

Protecting people, protecting assets.

Our fire suppression team is headed by the firecracking team of Liesl and Kurt Leisse! Please contact them on or

Together, the Jachris senior team has over 100 years of experience in fire suppression, covering all aspects of fire detection, suppression and maintenance for African industries. Automatic systems are fundamental on all heavy duty equipment and Jachris has comprehensive experience installing and maintaining the world’s leading systems such as AFEX, ANSUL and FSI.

For heavy duty equipment, Jachris has aligned with AFEX to provide Africa with the world’s only FM5970 HDME certified protection (Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment). AFEX has dedicated 50 years to the discovery, innovation, manufacture, and testing of vehicle fire protection systems designed exclusively for mobile heavy equipment. It’s all they do. Jachris, in partnership with AFEX, is dedicated to helping you protect your people and investments.

We also recognise that any downtime results in lost productivity and earnings; which is why we design systems with reliability, efficient maintenance and low cost of ownership in mind. For these reasons and more, AFEX is the #1 manufacturer of off-road fire suppression systems in North and South America.

No matter how hostile your equipment environment, Jachris and AFEX customise, install and guarantee purpose-built fire suppression systems that work for your needs.

  • Dual agent AFEX automatic fire suppression systems
  • Brand neutral service and maintenance partner
  • Engineered fire suppression systems for fixed installations and vehicles
  • Smoke aspiration systems
  • Fire detection and control systems
  • Fluorine free foam, powder and mist systems
  • Full range of fire extinguishers


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