Energy efficiency and fluid asset intelligence solutions.

The Jachris hydrocarbon solution is headed by Scott Kelly who joined Jachris after a decade working for Banlaw in Australia: scott.kelly@jachris.com.

Fuel, oils and lubricants represent a huge cost for most industries, specifically in remote locations on the African continent. Can you accurately and efficiently measure how much fuel is coming into your facility and reconcile its usage down to each individual piece of equipment? An average of only 30% of fuel is accounted for in the heavy industry environment on the continent, due to spillage, leaks, etc.

Fluid asset intelligence

Fuel management is complex and the various systems and components need to work together, seamlessly. We offer a fully integrated system which manages fuel distribution quantitatively and qualitatively, controlling contamination, security, staff safety, and the efficiency and productivity associated with your fuel use and fuel transfer.

Jachris represents BANLAW across the African continent. A pioneer in the design, manufacture and implementation of world class refuelling and hydrocarbon management systems, BANLAW developed the World’s first Unified Fuel Management, a unique end-to-end fuel management process with integrated fuel management hardware, end-to-end fuel asset management, consulting and training.

  • 30 years’ experience
  • Integrated electrical, mechanical, software and IT engineering design, install and commissioning
  • Products built for tough operating conditions
  • Not just smart, quality products – smart, quality people
  • Innovative R&D program
  • Complete range of services and ongoing support
  • Able to serve and support you globally

Filtration systems

Founded in 1938, Faudi is a family-owned company specialized in high quality bulk filtration systems for civil, military aviation and diesel fuels.

Equipment life can be significantly extended through the use of cleaned fuel, which in turn reduces a mining company’s operating costs. Diesel fuel typically passes through a series of tanks, pipes and valves from the refinery to the point-of-use. Every time fuel is moved through the distribution system, contaminants are introduced that negatively impact fuel quality. For diesel engine fuel systems to maintain their performance and reliability over time, fuel cleanliness is of utmost importance.

  • Maximise the uptime of your equipment
  • Minimise total cost of ownership
  • Increase fuel cleanliness
  • Predictive maintenance through water sensors


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